Batam Geographic Data

1. Place 
Batam city placed between :

0°.25'29'' - 1°.15'00'' Lintang Utara
103°.34'35'' - 104°.26'04'' Bujur Timur

2. Border 

Batam city bordered with : 
North Selat Singapura 
South Kecamatan Senayang 
East Kecamatan Bintan Utara 
West Kabupaten Karimun dan Moro Kabupaten Karimun

3. Geology 
Batam area like sub districts at state of Riau Islands Province also be a part on the continental. Islands which spread in this area are a part of eruption or decreasing from the tarter land which spread from Malay peninsula or Singapore Island at north to Moro islands, kundur and karimun in south. The landscape of Batam can be categorized as a flat area with some hills with the max high level 160 m above sea level. Small rivers with slow flow and forest also heavy oaks.

4. Physiography 
There are 329 small and big islands in Batam, where one another location are connected by waters. The spreading islands mostly are erosion left or the shape of pratersier land where stretch from Malaysia peninsula a the north part until Moro, Kundur and south of the Karimun. 
The land surface in Batam mostly can be grouped as flat but there are many parts hilly, stony and has maximum height 160 meters above the sea surface. There are small rivers stream with the low stream and surrounded by forests and luxuriant bushes. If we see from the stream rotation in Batam waters at Malaka strait , it is the fertile location for fishery and other biota./ Batam waters is an ecosystem zone of Riau islands fishery which influenced by the water movement of Hindia Ocean which through Malaka strait and the stream movement from South China sea. In Batam ecosystem zone is found wild animals from 8 sorts of mammal's class,16 heasevas and partilia. The habitat type which is used by those wild animals are: beach, mangrove, bush/lake, lading/farm, seconder forest and primer forest. 

5. Climate 
Batam has a tropical climates in 2006 the minimum temperature was 21,2 C – 24,0 C the maximum temperature was 29,6 C- 34,1 C, and the average temperature was 25,6 C - 27,8 C. The minimum and maximum atmospheric pressures were respectively 1.006,14 MBS and 1.014,1 MBS in 2005. Furthermore, the average humidity of atmospheric in Batam City between 79- 86 %. The maximum speed of wind flow is 15 - 28 knot and the average speed is 4.5 knot. Average number of rainy in a year for the year of 2005 was 208 days and the number of rainfall in a year was 2.964,7 mm . 

a). Batam Island
415 Km2 (41.500 Ha) = 67% of Singapura area. 
b). Singapore 
Lies at 20 Km toward the North West Batam Island, area 620 Km2 (62.000 Ha). 
c). Bintan Island 
Lies at 10 Km toward the East Batam Island, area 1.100 Km2 (110.000 Ha) = 117% of Singapore area. 
d). Natuna Island 
Lies at 550 Km toward North East Batam Island, area 1.720 Km2 (172.000 Ha) = 277% of Singapore area. 
e). Bulan Island 
Lies at 2.5 Km toward South West Batam Island, area 100 Km2 (10.000 Ha) = 16% of Singapore area. 
g). Rempang Island 
Lies toward South East Batam Island, area 165.83Km2 (16.583 Ha) = 27% of Singapore area. 
h). Galang Baru Island 
Lies at 180 m toward South Galang Island, area 32 Km2 (3.200 Ha) = 5.2% of Singapore area.
i). Galang Island 
Lies at 350 m toward South East Rempang Island, area 80 Km2 (8.000 Ha) = 13% of Singapore area. 
j). Barelang Region 
Batam island, Rempang island, Galang island and islands surrounding 715 Km2 (71.500 Ha) = 115% of Singapore area.